A couple of things today as I am pretty sick, laid up on the couch, feeling like crap.

Cough! My lungs have felt weak for a weak and, although I completed the Royal Parks half marathon, I have been very tired of late and just run down. I think I mentioned this in a previous post but am too tired to remember.

So number 1. The Science in Sports swag came today.

The bottles are a very nice size for carrying the full distance and the belt has elasticated slots for GU shots, and a zipped pouch. I think this will work for me. I would have preferred to have a belt with the braces-like straps over the shoulders and then put two of the bottles there. That would stop the shifting that happens when I run and the constant tightening of the belt.


And number 2 the sickness

I was told that your immune system drops by 60 after a marathon. When mentioning this on Twitter here are some of the responses.

@ResearchApe After my 50k, my immune system shut down. 3 weeks later I’m finally emerging from a haze of cold meds.

@pensivepumpkin I always get sick after a half. Dunno about a full.

@fehrtrade This is precisely why I booked my flu shot for early Nov. It’s also lowered in the taper. 😦

So, after a half maybe I am down 30%? Whether this is true or not, I am staying in and in bed for the next few days. I have the Amsterdam Half Marathon in 12 days and cannot afford to be sick for that one as it includes a swanky hotel, pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room, Monday lunch at my favourite restaurant in the world, and a trip abroad.

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