08/09/2012 – Additional

I am planning next year. I want to run, and I want to travel and, I know it is possible to combine the two. Here is the new short list:


5th The BUPA Great Winter Run – Edinburgh (5K)


10th Silverstone Half Marathon (Around the Formula 1 race track)

17th Yeungling Shamrock Half – Virginia

24th Charlotte Speedway Half – North Carolina

27th BUPA London 10K


6th Indianapolis Mini – Indiana

18th Gothenburg Half

25th Soldier Field 10 Miler – Illinois


14th British 10K – London


8th BUPA Great Yorkshire Run

27th Paris – Versailles 10 Miler


6th Royal Parks Half – London

27th Either the Marine Corps Marathon Half at Arlington, Virginia or the Marseille-Cassis Half (Most likely the latter as Matthieu and Francoise want to run it)

I want to run 20 races next year, my 40th. I would actually like to run 40 races. But that may be too much for my old bones.

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