with the new Runners Knees 10 questions and answers going great guns, and queuing up in my email it is my honour to introduce you to the latest tweeting runner to talk to me re our beloved sport…

RUNNERSKNEES10 #5 @evelinruns
Eve can be found running on the Big Island in Hawaii, and is from Sweden. She blogs over at evelinruns.wordpress.com about running, and being the blondest person in the checkout line.

1.       Why do you run?
I run because I’m in love with running. And I love myself and my life because I’m running.
Really, when I started running I found a way to cope with emotions like for example anxiety and stress in a way I had never really been able to before. During my runs I’m alone, but far from lonely. I am free and I’m me.
2.       When did you start running?
I started running pretty recently, in mid May this year. My dad has always been a runner and I’ve looked at him and thought “Oh my! I don’t know how he can do it? It is SO boring”. But then, while spending some time at my family’s I felt the urge of moving, getting a challenge. And one day I said to my dad, surprising not only him but also myself: “I’m going for a run now!”, quickly getting dressed and lacing up my hiking trainers and just heading out. I wasn’t loving it the first time, no. I could barely breath when I got back home, but for some reason that was it – I was stuck, hit by the running bug. And I haven’t stopped since.. My dad and I have so much to talk about and he’s a great inspiration and motivation for me with my running. It’s oh, so lovely!
3.       Do you have a ritual? Or a pre-race ritual?
Not really. I love getting dressed (most days..), starting Spotify on my phone with some great music, lace the shoes up and step outside. It’s not much of a ritual, but I sure enjoy it. 
4.       Do you have items of essential kit that you cannot be without?
I am never ever running without music. So that means I always carry my armband with my iPhone and headphones. That’s pretty much my only items that I NEVER leave at home. But, when running in Hawaii I always carry mace too. I attach it to my armband and it makes me feel safe(r) while meeting nasty dogs (http://evelinruns.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/my-neighborhood/) and weird people. 

5.       What is your training regime?
So far I haven’t used any training programs, I’ve simply just been “doing my thing”! Running 3-6 times/week and try to make one of them a longer one. I’ve been adding some strength workouts and yoga in between running and it’s really helped me so far. As soon as I’ve decided on which Half Marathon I’ll be doing I’m going to find and set up a training program to follow going towards greater distances than what I do now.

6.       What has been your favourite race to date?
Well, I’ve only done one race. So far. Definitely planning on getting a lot more of that done in the future!
My first race was a 10K, I had been VERY nervous for a week or so before the “big day” and in the car over to the town where I was supposed to run I decided I wouldn’t do the race – just watch and cheer for the other runners.. No, of course that was just my nerves talking – I was going to run the race. My goal was simply to finish and try to have a good time. I succeeded! I didn’t have any problems what so ever finishing and I even know that I could’ve pushed a little bit harder.. The official finishing time for my first ever race was 1:02:00 and I have to say that I was more than pleased with it, even though it was frustrating close to being under 1 hour… Anyways, I had the best of times running that race. I was smiling the whole time and I felt unstoppable! Can’t wait to get some more races in now, sadly it’s not really season for it where I am.

7.       What has been your least favourite?
None. Due to the fact that I’ve only done one so far.

8.       What are your running plans for 2013?
During 2013 I’m going to do a Half Marathon. I haven’t decided which one I’ll register for yet. Actually waiting with it to see if I might be able to convince my dad to come over to the US from Sweden to do one with me (yes, he’s going to finish way faster than me, but anyways..) I’m also going to do as many races of different distances as possible. And otherwise I’m going to train towards becoming a stronger runner! Always!
9.       What is your crowning achievement? Your greatest moment of pride running?
My greatest moment of pride was when I finished the 10K in August. I really didn’t think I’d be able to do it, because of nerves, and I most definitely didn’t think I’d finish in almost 60 minutes. I’m proud of it, and I’m looking forward to more of those moments. Also, the day when I first ran 5K was a great moment. It doesn’t sound like much but starting out with no running experience and barely being able to get home after a short short run a 5K run definitely felt like SOMETHING. I suddenly felt like I might actually be a runner.. 
10.      How did you run in Europe before you moved to Hawaii? How does the running differ on the Big Island from Sweden?
I started running in May this year in cold spring weather in Northern Sweden – during my first runs I had to layer up a bunch due to the temperature being around -5 to 5 degrees Celsius  and me not being equipped with the greatest clothes it was hard to get it good.. I quickly realized that different places demand different set ups when it comes to dressing running. In Hawaii (where I moved in June, after a few weeks in Seattle) I deal with high temperatures and me being from almost by the Arctic Circle it took me a while to get used to this. I’ve been running in shorts and tanks and to be honest, even that feel like it’s a bit too much when the sun is heating up the asphalt and me as I’m running.
So mainly, the temperature is what differs! But also the running routes that I’ve run have been very different. In Sweden I ran in and around neighborhoods with cute houses, kids playing on the streets and I had no worries what so ever. I felt safe the whole time! On the Big Island I run mostly on the highway, but when I’m in a “neighborhood” I feel afraid sometimes. There are aggressive dogs roaming around and there are people around which I don’t really trust.

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