It is the day before the Royal Parks half marathon and I am sitting blogging with the map on the dining table next to me.

Under it my Nike+ GPS watch is dormant, and plugged into my iPod Nano is my newly arrived Yurbuds Ironman Endure Pro headphones.

On the other side of my laptop is the Camelbak, the mesh zipper compartment open and two GU caffeine gel pouches waiting to be put in.

I do not eat breakfast but today it is wild berry muesli and a pint of water with vitamins in. Blister band aids are strewn around. I think I may have a problem.

I think I have Maranoia – this jokey play on paranoia where you are convinced you will get sick, or something will happen that will stop you running in an upcoming race. There is sickness all around me at the moment, most people I know have some cold or another. Prednisone is asunder, hankies, coughing, sniffing seems to have replaced breathing quietly and worst of all, the last of sun for the past 2 weeks has made everyone, myself included, very low energy.

But, on a plus note, the new headphones arrived.

You may have read how I tried the Philips running headphones (very tinny sound and no volume) and they gave me “swamp ear” and that I have been running with JLAB in ear headphones, the regular kind. Well, while the JLAB’s have great sound, good bass, and volume, they work their way out of the ear, and so I am constantly pushing them back in. The cord, worn under my shirt, tugs down too when I look down, so when I look up, it unplugs my earphones.

And so, I researched and bought the Yurbuds. In the UK they will be sold by Sweat Shop but they are not available at the moment. In the US they are readily available and cost about $60. I got these for a fraction of that, and they are AWESOME! I really have to say it. The quality of the sound it as good as, if not better, than the JLABs, and they have bendy hooks to allow them to be shaped around your ears.

I would say the only issue with them is they do not have a No Tangle cord. This is essential for me.

So, with the Yurbuds, Camelbak, and the blisters on my feet healing well, I think I am ready. I just need to take my mind off the idea that I am sick. I am not sick, I will run the RPHM, I will do well. That leaf shaped medal is mine.

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