Race Weekend…

Okay, okay, when I say race I really mean run. I am not racing against anyone per se, other than myself. This is a run, and more hardened runners would say it is a fun run. It is not a fun run and I do not treat it as such. I want to get a personal best. I want to do well, see improvement. I need to.

I shall also be writing a blog entry for agirlrunner.wordpress.com about the weekend too. A guess slot so to speak.

And so the plan is to head up to Sheffield at lunchtime, stopping off for sandwiches at M&S at St Pancras as we do so. Then a 2 1/2 hour train journey before a nice evening at a spa hotel with a nice pool, jacuzzi and sauna, a balti, a good nights sleep without the bloody cat keeping me awake, then race day.

Shame there is still a niggle on my left dorsiflexion that I currently have Kinesio Tape on. Although it should be fine.

Shame Nike+ Support are still useless. I reposted my issue and received the customary “Can you please log out and into the application as a response?” I nearly lost it, but instead have gained support in my quest to actually get support from them

September Challenge Gets Underway

In other news the September challenge is now underway. Although Jon_2o11 dropped off the radar as we got closer to the date. But here are the stats. And yes, I know I am the plodder of the group. Everyone runs for longer, faster and further. But I not in competition with them, I am in competition with me. I have massive opportunity for improvement. They may not. We shall see. The idea is simple (as long as I am gaining stats – although I am now looking at the Garmin and Endomondo as really am losing patience with Nike), each of the 4 Monday’s in September I collate everyone’s stats and show the percentage improvements in the areas where there is improvement. The one who make the greatest improvement in most areas wins.


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