The Injury Edition

And so I have been away for a long time, or so it seems to me. Having been utterly obsessed with running and my new found love of it, a TWANG! in the area close to what is colloquially known as the “party palace” has meant I have been out of action for a conservative, and probably too short 10 days.

The annoying this is that this is not a running injury. My shin splints were fixed with a change in gait. My knee was fixed with strengthening exercises. My loathing of running because it is so boring was fixed by excitement about perceived improvement, a decent playlist, and BLING! It was caused by the over-zealous following of the Adrian James 6 pack workout.

Regardless of who’s to blame (Adrian!) this did mean that I decided to rest myself and to not attempt any heavy lifting, running, or abs (Adrian!) and fortunately coincided with a planned trip to beautiful Saxony.

Of course, horse riding, mountains, copious amounts of beer, sausage, meat, cheese and bread did not stop me from wanting to run, and I did anything I could running related to keep up the momentum. This was my fear, that I would fall out of love with running and not go back, despite all the upcoming races. So what did I do instead?

I got a fridge magnet.

I got a new medal rack.

I received my BUPA Great Yorkshire Run number and chip.

I took a photo of my shoes. (But stopped short of naming them)

And then there is the Nike+ challenge x 2
Nike+ challenge 1 – Getting Nike+ Support to actually support you
I looked at my ipod and saw this….

And this meant that I could a) only see a couple of my PBs and b) could only see a couple of incorrect Pbs. My K time in about 4.50 and my mile is 8.20 at the moment.

I raised this, and the fact that I could not find my best 10K time, with NikeSupport on Twitter and they suggested:

  • I use the application. I use the application using Ipod not Iphone. They didn’t seem to get that.
  • I look on the website. I looked on the website and only saw this…



  • …best 1K, best 1 mile, best 5k, longest distance and time. No 10K.
  • I mail again. They tell me to reboot my ipod. I do this.
  • I mail again. They tell me that to record a 10K PB I need to run 10K. My present average is 10.2K, meaning that I have run more 10K+ runs than not.
  • it all went quiet since.
Nike+ challenge 2 – September
Regardless of the bollocks above, I do love Nike+. I like the technology. I like how it interacts with iTunes, I like the kit, the clothes, the shoes. And thus, I tweeted that I want to do the following:
  • For the month of September see how much I improve.
  • Do this in a contest against others.
To do this on the 31st August I will publish my PBs as above and also my average pace and distance in relation to my age bracket (old) and the Nike community as a whole. I shall be doing this with Twitterati @sausagesnaffler and @jon_2o11. However, this will not be a contest against each other, it will be a contest against ourselves. We can look at the following stats:
  1. Calories counted
  2. Longest distance
  3. longest time
  4. best 1K
  5. best 5k
  6. best mile
  7. Average distance
  8. Average pace
And whoever makes the greatest improvement in the month of September wins. I do not know what they win yet. Maybe in Oct we will make a prize as I am in London and I don’t know where the other two are.

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