Nike Minus and the inguinal hernia

Nike Minus…

I am back! And tonight I had my first run for 10 days after my groin strain/undiagnosed inguinal hernia. YAY!

I wore my new Nike Air Zoom Vomero’s for the first time YAY!

I attached the Nike+ widget from the sole of my Nike Air Lunar Elites to the laces of the new Vomero’s. YAY!

I ran to the gym! YAY!

I cranked it up and ran a perfect 10K to beat my all time PB on road and  treadmill. YAY!

I was just finishing and still looking great when the cute girl with the one gym outfit (black leggings/apricot singlet) walked in looking for a machine. YAY!

I ran home! YAY!

I ran up the stairs! YAY!

I felt good! YAY!

I stopped the workout and….after 13 kilometers and 80s mins NIKE+ had not worked!! BOOO! The bastard device thought I had run 3.4K the hour and 20 mins I had actually run 13. BASTARDO!

So as not to completely screw up my stats on Nike+ I have deleted the erroneous entry, and will only use the Nike+ with my Nike+ shoes as clearly the movement to laces and top of foot rather than sole screwed up what it thought was a stride. Maybe I needed to calibrate it again? BOOO!


Outcome: Run with Vomero’s in races as they were super comfy. Run with Lunar’s and Nike+ widget on treadmill.

I am glad I got to run but pissed at Nike for yet another fail. Now I am no saying we should BOYCOTT NIKE.

But this is yet another lesson learned.


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