Training for the Great Yorkshire Run – eee by gum!

Tonight I planned to start increasing my distance steadily given the email from the BUPA Great Yorkshire Run (10K in Sheffield on September 2nd).

6 weeks! Why, that isn’t too long at all, although it is only 10K so I decided I could do one of two things:

  1. up my time to 90 minutes,
  2. or run 15K.

It started well, nice easy FARTLEK training, with a steady 12kph for the run and a steady 6kph for the walk. But then it started to go a little wrong. A girl I see at the gym from time to time came and took the machine next to mine and started running like Bambi. All the other machines were taken. The temperature started rising (really, this is not a metaphor) as the gym was heaving, and I started sweating. The guy on the other side of me was doing that strange thing where you sprint on the treadmill then jump off, feet to the sides of the band, when he can’t keep up, then jump back on when he has calmed down a little.

Still, I know I would outlast both and, sure as eggs is eggs, the girl left after a weird speed matching exercise (she did this with me, and I guess it was because she thought I looked like I knew what I was doing in my Commemorative British 10K red, white and blue t-shirt, and it kinda freaked me out a little – she also only has one outfit at the gym, peach top, black leggings. I have so many t-shirts I may need to rent the next door apartment), and the guy ended up jumping off the end of the treadmill and leaving.

Other guys come and go. And I know that I am there for the long haul. I have a 2 hour playlist and could run that far. I then notice that time is a wasting. I have done a full days work, gone home, seen a friend, given back her cat, and was now running on empty. My pecs were starting to hurt, I was sweating like I was made of wax, but could still go on.

I then got the call to have dinner, and that made up my mind for me. I called it quits then and there with a total distance of 11.6K covered. I know it is not brilliant, not what I wanted, but HEY! I still have more than 5 weeks to go before Sheffield, right.

Made me feel better about the St John’s Ambulance disappointment too.

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