Compression socks, top and leggings…

I was suffering from calf cramps pretty bad and read on one guy’s blog that wearing the knee high compression socks AFTER running was a great way of minimizing the pain, so I went onto trusty Amazon and bought these Zensah Compression socks, Nike Core Compression top, Time to Run long sleeve compression top, and the Nike Core Pro Compression leggings.

I wear the socks in bed and after a race and long run. They are not the full foot and calf version in the image, just the calf parts. I wear the top too, but under another vest or top. I have only worn the leggings once, and that was at home.

Although I can’t help but think if I wore all of my compression gear I’d look like Venom, and have to end up battling Spiderman on a rooftop.

Of course, I am not 100% sure if any of these gadgets or widgets are helping. Still, even if it is all placebo then I am happy with that. I feel better than I have ever done, and it is down to running. I have the Running Bug.

Which, of course, is a nice segue into the next section.

I spend a lot of time on the website It has race listings, advice from experts, dietary advice, training schedules and, most importantly for me, forums where members can post and chat. This is very important for beginners, I believe. When embarking on a new hobby, or fitness regime, or anything, it is at its most difficult in the beginning. Running is no exception. The support and kindness, advice and friendship of those who are in the same boat can get you through., which is why I am on forums. I am there for help. I am there to help. And it feels good knowing there are people out there who I can help, and who can help me. Despite the loneliness of the long distance runner I know I am not in this alone.

What else is going on?

I have the excitement at new race! And I love it when a new race comes along. Back in March, when I decided to take up running I signed up for some races that would take me to the end of the year. This has pretty much been set in stone since then. It was always.

  1. BUPA London 10K in May – run with 1:07hr time
  2. Nike+ British 10K in July – run with 1:02hr time
  3. BUPA Sheffield Great Yorkshire 10K in September
  4. TeachFirst London 10K in September
  5. Royal Parks Half Marathon in October
  6. Amsterdam Half Marathon in October
Next year will be a completely different kettle of fish with 10s and half across the globe before the final dreaded Marathon some time in the autumn, but this year looked cast in iron. Not so, when looking at a forum someone posted that there was a new race in London, the TeachFirst 10K. Here is the page. This is another opportunity to run my home town, to get a PB and to get some all important hours in before I step up to the half marathons a month after.
As far as I can tell I can comfortably run a 5 in less than half hour, a 10 in an hour, a half in 2 hours and, I guess, a marathon in 4. Not that I would be 100% happy with those times, but I know they would be easily achieved with my current stats.

Which brings me to Today and a lovely 14.74 kilometer run mapped and added into my favourite NIKE+ applicaton. My longest run to date? My longest time running? Well, on the website maybe, but I think the day I lost my stats (see previous post) was longer and further. Although, on a plus side, I was dizzy and exhausted that day. Today I could do it again. 


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